Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation = 'Rapid ejaculation'

Premature ejaculation is also known as ‘rapid ejaculation’.

When a man orgasms more quickly than he would like during lovemaking with his partner, this can result in dissatisfaction due to:

  • Expectations that the sexual experience should last longer before orgasm
  • Feelings of frustration, shame and inadequacy for the man who ‘ejaculates’ too soon
  • Partner frustration if they are not understanding or are not aware of the process of arousal and orgasm for men

There are a number of ways of defining ‘premature ejaculation’.

  • ‘Premature Ejaculation is ejaculation that occurs sooner than desired, either before or shortly after penetration, causing distress to either one or both partners.’ (American Urological Association)
  • Other definitions mention ejaculation occurring either before or within 1 – 2 minutes of penetration.

What is important for a couple is to seek help if either one or both people are concerned or dissatisfied with the duration of the sexual experience prior to ejaculation.

‘Premature Ejaculation’ occurs in approximately 20 to 25% of men depending on the age group. ‘Premature Ejaculation’ can be defined as lifelong or acquired. Any man who experiences ‘Premature Ejaculation’ is advised to talk to his GP (General Medical Practitioner) about the problem. Alternatively I can assess any man’s concern about this problem and provide a number of useful hints that are easy to employ. I can then liaise with the man’s GP when necessary.

I can provide many useful ideas about ways to delay ejaculation when this is desired. There are various ways of focussing during lovemaking that can support the enjoyment of longer lovemaking. There are some outdated hints for delaying ejaculation which are best avoided. For example, trying to think about something nonsexual during lovemaking in an effort to avoid ‘coming’ will reduce the enjoyment of the experience and will not help a man to train himself to last longer in the long-term. The much publicised ‘squeeze technique’ and ‘stop start technique’ are not in themselves all there is to offer a man who ‘comes too quickly’. More practical hints are at hand after my comprehensive assessment.

The most significant medical advance in recent years for premature ejaculation is the availability of a medication: ‘Priligy’ – the generic name is dapoxetine.

This medication is an SSRI class of antidepressant/anti anxiety medications.

SSRI medications raise the ‘orgasmic threshold’ as a side effect. That is, the side effect of the medication (a delay or heightened difficulty in reaching orgasm) is used to help the problem of premature ejaculation.

I am able to assess men medically and psychologically for their eligibility of this medication. I am able to provide scripts for Priligy or related medications when these are likely to be helpful for you.

Whilst a man is taking a medication (or not) to help him avoid fast ejaculation, I can advise him how to learn to last longer in sexual situations.

For some men hypnosis may be of use for this problem. Hypnosis is a form of focussed relaxation. When a man learns to attain this state and allows positive messages about lasting longer and focussing on enjoying the moment with his partner, he is more likely to experience the longer lovemaking he and his partner want.

Premature Ejaculation is a common and treatable condition. You need not feel alone with this problem. I can assess your particular situation and can offer practical steps towards finding the solution you want.

Did you know….

  • For a man, orgasm is not the same as ejaculation. A man can orgasm without ejaculating. This is why I prefer to talk about orgasm rather than ‘ejaculation’ difficulties.
  • A man may have specific concerns about ejaculating (for example….no/little semen with ejaculation, painful ejaculation). These can all be medically assessed, particularly by a urologist. However, if you are unsure about the path to go down, please feel free to consult with me. I will ensure you consult with the relevant specialists for your individual problem.

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