Working with your GP

When you come along to see me about your relationship or sexual concern you may have information from your doctor to help me with my assessment.

If there are aspects of your medical history that I need in order to help you, I may ask your permission to liaise with your GP or specialist.

My role is to help you by communicating and collaborating with your GP or specialist when appropriate.

Although I am an experienced GP, I am not a replacement for anyone’s regular GP as I am set up at my consulting rooms to deal specifically with sexual concerns and counselling.

I am not available in a private general practice clinic. My medical and university teaching work is based in the public sector.

If you do not have a referral from a doctor, you may still see me. It is not necessary to have a Mental Health Care Plan. If you are a Medicare card holder, you are able to receive a medicare rebate as a portion of the fee.

For people who do not have a regular GP, I will endeavour to help you find one. A GP plays a pivotal and valuable role in peoples’ health care.

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