Private (Individual) Sessions

I seek to understand the particular complexities and details of the concerns that are unique to you. I assess an individual’s concerns from a relationship, social, psychological and medical viewpoint. See ‘My Approach’.

With the full consent of my clients, I am able to liaise with their GPs and specialists when necessary to ensure a team approach and in turn a high standard of medical and therapeutic care. Importantly, as a medical sexologist, I can assess the whole medical picture – past blood tests and investigations – and confer with the person’s other doctors or practitioners regarding any further diagnostic areas yet to be explored and extra tests that may be recommended. I do not work as a GP and am unable to provide GP services to my clients.

If your concerns are influenced by the relationship you have with another person, I may suggest that you come along together on another occasion for a couple session.

Please feel free to contact me either by telephone or email if you have any questions about individual sessions.