Desire Concerns

Also known as Desire Mismatch or Low Libido

Couples frequently have a ‘mismatch’ of sexual desire’ at various times during the course of their relationship.

Do not feel alone with your ‘desire’ or ‘libido’ concerns. I have well over 25 years’ experience in helping couples with desire difficulties.

Approximately a third of the couples who consult with me have a mismatch of sexual desire. Many couples unfortunately delay seeking help which then affects their relationship.

In medical circles the problem is sometimes referred to as ‘Low Libido’ – which labels the one with the lower libido as having the problem – hence my avoidance of this term.

If one person in a relationship feels less interest in engaging in sex than their partner, and this is an issue for one or both, then the problem is an issue for the relationship.

I am able to assess the desire (libido) mismatch from a medical, relationship, psychological and sociocultural perspective. Couples are able to re-connect with a greater sense of intimacy and closeness with each other during the assessment and therapy process with me.

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