Sexual concerns

I can help you with your problems. I am a respected, experienced sex therapist in Adelaide.

Many medical conditions affect sexual functioning

Although I am a medical sex therapist, I prefer to avoid some medical terms such as 'sexual dysfunction'. My preference is to categorise sexual problems with names that minimize ‘pathologising’. Some sexual concerns ought not to be labelled ‘dysfunctions’ (a more commonly used label in the medical world) as they can be alleviated with appropriate information or changes in sexual styles – and not necessarily with a medical intervention. A couple of examples of these are: women who are 'pre-orgasmic' (haven't achieved an orgasm yet) and some men with rapid ejaculation - commonly known as 'premature ejaculation' (not due to medication).

There are many sexual concerns that are influenced by the medical condition(s) of the individual.
For example, chronic pain conditions and many chronic illnesses can affect sexual desire (libido / interest in sex) and therefore the ability to become aroused. Difficulties in arousal can then lead to difficulties reaching orgasm or difficulties with the quality of erections. Many classes of medication can also impact on the body and sexual functioning.

Being a sex therapist and doctor, I can initially make an assessment of your particular sexual concern from a medical viewpoint. I can then make recommendations for further medical investigations and/or management and any lifestyle changes that can support your sexual functioning needs. Then I able to focus on other contributing factors (e.g. situational, social, spiritual, cultural, family psychological or relationship factors) and support you with positive steps toward solutions for maximal sexual fulfilment.