Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is available. This can be particularly helpful for people who have been recommended to see me but are unable to see me in Adelaide, Australia and for those people who are based outside of Australia.

The benefits of phone counselling:

  • You do not have to (in fact you are unable to) have your payment processed through Medicare. You can remain anonymous with regard to Medicare.
  • An appointment can be arranged at convenient times for you and Dr Tudor.
  • Your location doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be in Adelaide, South Australia.

The disadvantages or complications of a phone session:

  • The communication is not as easy when you are not in the room with me. However, a useful session can still take place.
  • Medical assessments are not able to be made over the phone. However, if distance is a real issue, a doctor you have visited is welcome to FAX or Email me any helpful medical details. Brief phone calls with other doctors do not attract a charge.
  • The responsibility of your medical care needs to stay in the hands of your own local doctor. However, there are many sexual and relationship concerns that I can help with during a phone call.
  • As the consultation is not person-to-person, you are not eligible for a Medicare rebate. Therefore, the phone/Skype session is more expensive than a face to face session with me.

A payment of $250 per hour needs to be made with a credit card or direct deposit prior to a phone session.

To arrange a call, please Email the following details to me:

  • Name (need not use Surname)
  • Phone number
  • The first reply is likely to be by Email, however, in the event of me trying to call you, please mention any good or inconvenient times to call.
  • Please include any instructions regarding leaving voice or text messages or talking to someone other than yourself.
  • A brief description of problem

Please note: If you are ever so distressed about a problem that you have thoughts of harming yourself, please confide in a friend or relative AND contact your own doctor AND/OR call for emergency help on 000.

You will always be praised for seeking help in this situation.

Loved ones will always be thankful and relieved that you reached out for help.