Relationships - couple and family therapy

Since my training as a family therapist in the early 1990’s I have helped several thousand couples and families with the issues that come up in their everyday interactions. At times I also help family members (e.g. siblings or parents and children) with their problematic family relationships.

Wise couples consult with me at the first signs of relationship concerns. They can benefit from therapeutic conversations that support the enrichment of their relationship and the rebuilding of intimacy and connection. There are opportunities during couples sessions to learn new styles of communication that better support the relationship.

Other relationship issues that couples address with me include: money issues, stress-proofing relationships within blended families, help with step parenting, reconnecting after infidelity and support during the process of separation.

For single people seeking a relationship, I am able to support you with skills, ideas and the development of your confidence to enter into and thrive in the dating scene.

If your situation is likely to result in a hearing before the family court, e.g. regarding matters of child custody, it would be more appropriate to consult a psychologist who regularly prepares these specialised reports for the courts.

If you would like to ask me a question regarding relationship or family issues, please feel free to email me on

If you would like to know more about a specific sexual issue that may be affecting your relationship please refer to my section on  sexual concerns.