Women and Arousal – Orgasm

Arousal – sexual excitement – is an important physiological and psychological step required for fulfilling sexual experiences.

I have helped hundreds of women over the last two decades learn to orgasm. This is done through discussion, specific ideas to try at home and the use of helpful literature and diagrams.

Women and girls do not necessarily know how to get aroused without experimenting and learning what works for them.

For women who have not yet experienced an orgasm, this is likely due to their need to discover what is required to arouse them – what stimulation: where and what style to bring them to climax.

The majority of women who have difficulties becoming aroused are experiencing a lack of adequate stimulation for enough time.

When a woman says she has never orgasmed, she needs to learn more about her body – to try different ways of stimulating for enough time and with a mental/emotional focus that supports arousal. It is unlikely that a woman will become more aroused when she is worried about the privacy of the moment or if she is thinking of worries or mundane issues.

For those women who are interested in the help of a massager to become aroused, Dr Marie can give advice on the benefits of various styles of massage products and where to buy them.

A much rarer condition is ‘Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder’ (PGAD). Affected women experience persistent genital arousal without any conscious feeling of sexual desire. It is important that women seek help including a medical assessment for this condition. Dr Marie is able to medically assess genital pain symptoms and to help with recovery.