Men and Arousal + Erectile Dysfunction

Sometimes men may not realise that their erection problem is one of arousal. For example, some men who have a ‘disappointing’ erection may in fact be experiencing a difficulty in reaching the higher levels of arousal required for the strong erections they may usually experience.

Therefore, men with ‘erectile dysfunction’ need to observe their sensations: are they getting sufficiently aroused?

Problems with erections may also have a physical cause – and this needs to be considered, rather than just putting the problem down to stress or anxiety.

Any man who has erection difficulties needs a full medical assessment of any risk factors for erectile dysfunction. I am able and happy to do this assessment. Your GP may already have ordered various tests as part of your assessment. The results of any tests you have had are important for me to review.

For nearly 20 years now, men in Australia have had access to ‘Viagra’. Soon after, the ‘brother’ drugs: ‘Cialis’ and ‘Levitra’ became available. These medications are often very useful for men to improve the quality of their erections. Following my assessment, I can advise you about the potential help these medications could give you. I am familiar with all the medications available in Australia to help men with their sexual concerns including ‘erectile dysfunction’ and ‘premature ejaculation’. I am also aware of the entrepreneurial organisations that are more keen to sell you expensive products via phone consultations or over the Internet without proper medical assessments and support.

For more details on this see my article on Erectile Dysfunction.

Difficulties with arousal can also present as ‘delayed ejaculation’ (formerly know as ‘retarded ejaculation’). A man with this problem describes being aroused – but he just can’t quite get aroused enough to get over his ‘orgasmic threshold’. If this has been a long standing problem, it can be a challenge (but still very possible) to treat. Sometimes medication, particularly antidepressants or antipsychotic medications can cause this problem. I am always prepared to travel along a path of recovery with a man who has a problem with delayed ejaculation.

I have heard many times of the frustration that men experience when they can’t ejaculate. I have also heard many times from men of their great relief and joy when they seek help and reach their goal: to be able to ejaculate during intercourse and/or in the presence of their partner.