Relationship Concerns

relationship enrichment

rebuilding intimacy/feeling of connection (may be too similar to first one)

communication concerns

money issues

infidelity - reconnecting after an affair

support during separation

blended families - step parenting

dating advice

creating more helpful styles of relating/communicating



desire concerns, sexual therapy

Dr Tudor is a Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine

Dr Marie Tudor has attended many sexuality, sex therapy, family therapy and hypnosis trainings over the last 30 years. She …

Testosterone: Men and Ageing

Testosterone is a hormone found in both men and women, although men have much higher levels of testosterone than women. …

sex therapy can aid with mismatched sexual desire or low libido

Libido: Mismatched Sexual Desires

The desire for sex (libido) is complex and influenced by psychological, biological, relationship and cultural factors. To …